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PixelWorldMc is a Minecraft server network consisting of multiple game modes. With the purpose of to fund the network and everything related to that, PixelWorldMc offers a shop to its community. PixelWorldMc is not related to Mojang or Microsoft in any way!
Do not contact them about any donations or PixelWorldMc related questions!

Problems related to Minecraft or its core servers or services are not maintained by PixelWorldMc and thus PixelWorldMc is not capable or responsible for anything related to those.





By playing or making use of any services, servers or features hosted, created or maintained by PixelWorldMc you agree to use these in any way other than their intended purpose.

You will contribute to a healthy and peaceful community, and will never attempt to prevent others from doing so.

You will not:

- Intentionally make servers or services hosted by PixelWorldMc inaccessible to others.
- Prevent other people from using PixelWorldMc s services.
- Bullying or intentionally harming any other community members on purpose. (by any means.)
- Abusing or manipulating anything thats related to PixelWorldMc.
- Use anything related to PixelWorldMc for personal or commercial ends.
- Do anything that makes you look like youre owner or staff member within PixelWorldMc while youre not.
- You will not impersonate or try to impersonate anyone by any mean possible. This also includes acting like a staff member of PixelWorldMc. Any attempts in doing so, successful or not will be seen as violations.

Violating these terms could result in permanently being banned from anything related to PixelWorldMc.


As the by PixelWorldMc provided shop is intended for personal use, you are not allowed to purchase any items for other community members without their consent. Doing so might result in being permanently banned from anything related to PixelWorldMc.

The prices and content of buyable packages can be subjected to changes at any time.

The total amount to pay will be shows in the payment section, this includes any taxes or additional fees that might be charged in certain circumstances.

You will not sell or try to sell any items, perks or ranks acquired from the shop for in-game virtual goods or money, or real money of any kind.

One-time purchases

By buying any item, goods, perks, ranks or extra features of any kind you agree to pay the stated amount of money. In case of any problems, misunderstandings or anything which results in you wanting a refund you will contact PixelWorldMc through email at finance@pixelworldmc.net, make use of the forum: https://pixelworldmc.net/forum or contact any personal directly and sort the matter together with PixelWorldMc. You will never make use of any chargeback functions, as this will result in you getting permanently banned from anything related to PixelWorldMc.


On starting a subscription though the store, you agree to pay for every month you are using the bought rank, functions, perks etc. You are allowed to cancel a subscription at any given moment.
You are however not allowed to chargeback any paid money. If you want to cancel a subscription it will be canceled upon the next month. You wont pay for the next month, and the extras provided by the subscription will be removed at the end of the month. In case of any problems, misunderstandings or anything which results in you wanting a refund you will contact PixelWorldMc through email at finance@pixelworldmc.net, make use of the forum: https://pixelworldmc.net/forum or contact any personal directly and sort the matter together with PixelWorldMc.



The forum/websites provided to you by PixelWorldMc are created to provide information and ways to communicate with one another. By making use of any of the provided websites and forums you agree to not advertise for any other server or service other than PixelWorldMc. You wont abuse or misuse them in any mean possible.



By playing on the server and making use of anything related to that which is provided by PixelWorldMc you agree to behave and do not intentionally abuse, misuse or exploit anything.

You will play fair and wont ruin anything for other players. You will not prevent other players from playing by any means possible. You wont try to make use of any clients other than the ones provide by Mojang. Using any clients which give you an unfair advantage or the possibility to exploit or steal anything is strictly forbidden.

You wont violate any rules applied to the community and its server, or provided by any staff member.

Any problems, disagreements or questionable actions are to be discussed with any staff member. This can be done by emailing to support@pixelworldmc.net , creating a forum post under the right section at https://pixelworldmc.net/forum or contacting any staff member directly if possible.




As community member

As a community member of PixelWorldMc you are allowed to make use of any services and servers provided by PixelWorldMc. You are obligated to follow any rules or instructions provided by any staff member from PixelWorldMc.

You are also obligated to report any misbehavior and anything related to this. Any suspicions are also to be reported. This applies to any community member or staff member within PixelWorldMc. Any problems related to services or servers provided by PixelWorldMc (Such as malfunction or misconfigured features) are also to be reported. Reports can be made through the forum https://pixelworldmc.net/forum

Any reports made will be treated with respect, and will be taken seriously. As community member you do not have to fear any retaliation as we will not tolerate this, and if such things occur we will take action against it. This also applies to any reports made against any of PixelWorldMc s staff members.


We as PixelWorldMc

We as PixelWorldMc will do our utmost to provide the community with a working and playable environment. We are obligated to provide you with the goods and features you are entitled to.

Our first priority is maintaining a working environment for our community. Any problems which prevent this will be prioritized and will be fixed as soon as possible by either resolving the problem or providing an acceptable workaround.


Data and privacy

Any personal information provided by you or obtained through the usage of any servers or services provided by PixelWorldMc will be kept private, and is not distributed or sold to any 3rd party. Information will only be provided with your consent unless court ordered.

Requesting information related to others is only possible with their consent, this will always be checked by PixelWorldMc self.

All services which require you to provide any credentials or personal information will be on secured platforms. Any staff member from PixelWorldMc will never request you to provide us with any passwords!





If you have any questions or are not sure about things you can contact us by email: support@pixelworldmc.net, through the forum: https://pixelworldmc.net/forum or by contacting any staff member directly. A question can never be wrong.


By violating any terms or rules whether they are spoken or documented, could result in you getting banned from anything related to PixelWorldMc. Any attempts made to violate will be seen as violations and measures will be taking accordingly.




Kwartierenlaan 176,

5235 JD, 's-Hertogenbosch

The Netherlands

0031 6 30 60 17 23

Registered at the Chamber of Commerce; Registration number: 70187355