• I’ve been banned or muted, what can I do?

        ◦ If you think a staff member misjudged your behavior you can create an appeal on our forum under the section “Approach Staff -> Ban/Mute appeal”. (Be sure to provide us with any evidence or proof the shows us your innocence.)

    • I want to support the server and make a donation!

        ◦ We are excited to hear that you like it here at PixelWorldMc and want to support us! As sign of appreciation we want to give donators something
          in exchange for their support, so we created a store where you can donate and receive certain cool features or extra in-game goods as reward for supporting our server. (All our donations will be put back in to the server directly either to keep the server running, or if possible to expand our server network with new or better features!) You can find our store on: store.pixelworldmc.net  

    • I’ve made a purchase and didn’t receive anything…

        ◦ If your purchase still does not show up after 2 hours (Be sure to logout and in to check) you can contact us through the forum under the section “Approach Staff -> Store Purchases”. (Be sure to include a proof of purchase such as a screenshot from the payment!)

    • I suspect a player or forum member of violating the rules…

        ◦ If you think a player of forum member is violating any rules, you can report them by contacting any staff member directly, or you can contact us through the forum under the section “Approach Staff -> Report players”. (We do not tolerate retaliation, so if someone tries to stop you from reporting something to us, be sure to tell us and we will deal with the situation!) 

    • I’ve got a cool idea for the server!

        ◦ We are always happy to hear feedback from our community or new idea’s! If you have one, you can post them on our forum under the gamemode section related to your idea! This way other people can also give feedback on your thought and maybe even add extra idea’s or provide us with their own thoughts and wishes! If you have an idea for something completely new, post it under the General section of our forum! (Don’t hesitate to share your idea’s, every idea is a good one!)

    • Oh oh… I think something is not working as it’s supposed to..

        ◦ If you think that you have encountered a bug or an error, and it prevents you or others from playing, it’s creates an unfair advantage for others or anything else related to that, you can let us know by creating a topic under the ‘Bugs and Errors” section of our forum!

    • How do i cancel an automatic payment in Paypal?

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Profile at the top of the page.
  3. Click My Money then click Update beside My preapproved payments to find your payment.
  4. Select the payment, and then click Cancel.

Missing something in this list? Or didn’t you find an answer to your question? Create a topic under the “Approach Staff -> Other” section of our forum and we’ll reply as soon as possible!